Creating a Robust Web-Service to Generate WDM Files for HSPF Models

Lately, I have been thinking a great deal about the need for a robust, web-accessible service for the automatic population of hydrologic data into WDM files for use in HSPF models.  The “Google Summer of Code” project, if it is done again in 2013 is a grant source for providing aspiring programmers with a bit of funding during the summer months to knock out something of value for the www community.  Often, these projects have no actual relationship to Google, with examples from the 2012 GSoC such as: “Bayesian Spatial Econometrics with R”, “USB to Serial Bridge Controller Driver”, and “Natural Earth Vector Map in Marble” (see for a complete list from 2012).  If not Google Soc, perhaps some other small funding source might be located for this pursuit.  I have long ago created a set of code libraries that create and populate WDM’s using PHP to access the Annie libraries (iowdm for one).  These libraries can read and write to WDM file (not to mention a few other formats used by HSPF such as MUTSIN files).

Finding a Platform
Recently, I have been exploring the CUAHSI system as a vehicle for standardizing some data access widgets that I use in my web-based modeling platform, and thought that programming a module for CUAHSI that generated WDM files would be really useful.  Just this morning, I got an email in my inbox forwarded by my boss announcing this project “Water Data Hub” (  Are there better web-based open-data delivery platform for hydrologic/ecological data than CUAHSI or Water Data Hub?

Other Information About GSoC


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