Running Bay Model in Southern Rivers

Started by seeing how broken the southern rivers were.  So, I just invoked the command (in the dir run/make_seglists/) for the North Fork New River, which ends in segment NR3_9170_9130:

basingen.csh p52An 9170

So far so good, this created 3 files in the config/seglists/ directory:

Next I tried to rn it with:
run_all.csh p52An NR3_9170_9130

Which failed, citing lack of crop cover data:
insufficient crop cover data found to make the run
expected segment/land use A37009 pul
in files like p52cal_full          or in scenario files

So, first stop crop cover files.  The crop cover files are stored in “input/scenario/land/crop_cover/”, but you have to know which file names to use, as there are several sets.  The files are named “crop_cover_xxxx_yyyy.csv” where yyyy is the year, and xxxx is specific to the particular model config set.  The value for “xxxx” for the scenario is in “config/control/land/p52An.con”, since my scenario id p52An.  This file points me to xxxx = “p52_cal”.  Now, these files don’t have values for our desired areas, but the previous version of the model did, for the most part.  It looks as if this newest iteration of the model contains values for all of the ag uses, as well as cover values for the two pervious urban classes, puh (high density) and pul (low density).  This is not scuh a tragedy, since it appears the ph and pul have a relatively narrow range of values all over the watershed, 0.75 to 0.95, with the vast majority coming in between 0.89 and 0.94, and with no variation monthly.  So, copy the values from the old ones for landuses that we have, and create the values for the ones that we don’t.

In addition to the crop_cover, the following other files in the input/scenario/land file which are missing New River info are:


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